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Welcome to the FPEA Events Website

The FPEA offers several events each year from our Statewide Convention in May each year, to regional events such as the Day at the Capitol and the FPEA - Tampa Bay Homeschool Conference.  This site is your source for information for those events as well as purchasing audio recordings for some of our events.



Convention 2014 Information

Each year the FPEA hosts the largest homeschool convention in the country!  Members will receive all the information first!  Look for hotel information, speaker and registration information beginning in late December. 


Convention 2014 Exhibitors

The exhibitor application is now available! Click here to access the 2014 FPEA Convention Exhibitor Application.


Graduation 2014

Want to get an early start for the 2014 FPEA Graduation Registration.  Click here to access all the details for Graduation.



22. August, 2016

FPEA is organizing a used curriculum drive to help these families and we are asking that you come alongside and join us. The timing is quick, but...

9. May, 2016


Spot - Snap -Share

Spot and snap a picture of the FPEA Shine Bright van! Post on...

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